About Me

BabyVenture was born out of a desire to create something that was MINE. Something that allowed me to live and demonstrate my values and passions in a way that helps others.

So what are my values and passions?

I am an Occupational Therapist. That means that things like child development, sensory processing, mental wellness, and meaningful activities are all a huge part of my life and my knowledge base. That also means that what is important to me about an activity or a product is that it is Functional, Creative, Supportive, and Fun!

Travelling. I love to travel. That hasn't changed since I've become a mum. I love to see new places, get out of my comfort zone, explore other cultures, meet new people, and absorb and experience as much of this world as possible. Finding the most practical ways to manage travel with a little one has been a fun part of this journey for me. 

Minimalism. Clutter makes me stressed and no one likes to be stressed. It is imperative for me that I help others have less stuff but more functional stuff and learn how to create new stuff out of old stuff. This has become especially important with a baby who has new developmental needs every five minutes it seems. In order to keep up, I have to get creative and use what I've got.

Empowerment through education. I feel really fortunate to have the training and experience in child development that I do. I want to share my knowledge and expertise with other parents so they can experience understanding and awareness, have more tools in their toolbox to come up with new ideas and creative solutions, and feel confident in supporting their little ones to grow and develop the skills they need to!

Hands-on. I believe in active learning and I want to find ways to promote YOUR creativity and ideas. Watch this space...



If you own or know of a small business (or product) that you think would be a good fit for collaborations, please email us at sales@babyventure.co.nz to tell us all about it!